American Family Care – Buckhead Stands Above the Rest

Atlanta,GAMany people falsely interpret the definition of urgent care. Some don’t understand what urgent care encompasses while others believe all urgent care centers are the same in quality. Urgent care, specifically our Atlanta, GA brand of urgent care, describes the walk-in medical treatment of sudden injuries and illnesses in a setting separate from the Emergency Room setting.

What other urgent care centers offer are limited hours of operation and inexperienced medical providers. However, here at American Family Care – Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, our center is always staffed with at least one board-certified physician that’s inside the building at all times during our hours of operation.

Yet, what differentiates us most from the generic urgent care centers you’ve seen is our devotion to our patients and ability to deliver the fastest, most affordable and reliable medical services.

Does Your Urgent Care Center Take Too Long?

One of the major advantages of urgent care over the emergency room is that it shouldn’t take hours to receive the care you need. However, some urgent care centers force patients to wait hours and hours to receive care, begging these patients to ask the question “why didn’t I just go to the ER?”

But here at American Family Care in Atlanta, GA, we get patients in-and-out the door quickly, due to our center’s streamlined process, allowing us to provide the highest quality care both quickly and accessibly.

Is Your Urgent Care Center’s Services Too Limited?

Many times, patients will visit their local urgent care center only to be told that they need to either see a specialist or visit the ER to receive treatment. While life-threatening injuries or illnesses should be treated at the ER, here at American Family Care in Atlanta, GA, we offer a comprehensive list of services, guaranteeing you that you can receive the care you need here in Atlanta, GA.

We offer the following medical services:

The conditions we treat includes the following:

  • Joint Injections
  • Back Pain
  • Bronchitis
  • Sports Injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Flu/Influenza
  • Infections

Does Your Urgent Care Center Break the Bank?

Many urgent care centers end up costing patients more than the emergency room, which shouldn’t be the case. At American Family Care – Buckhead in Atlanta, GA, our patients typically pay 1/5th what they would pay if the visited the emergency room.

This is because our center accepts most health insurances, which generally results in a co-pay the same as your primary care physician. We also offer our patients affordable self-pay options in case they don’t have health insurance. This ensure that every patient in the Atlanta, GA community has access to convenient and affordable health care options.

For more information, call us at 404.355.8775 or simply walk into our center any day of the week – no appointment necessary!