Creating a drug-free workplace isn’t solely about improving the health and safety of your employees, but increasing your business’ productivity as well. Both prescription and illicit drug use are extremely prevalent in today’s society. Therefore, in order to ensure your workplace doesn’t suffer, enlist American Family Care in Atlanta, GA to serve as your company’s go-to source for employee drug testing.

As an occupational health resource to a number of Atlanta’s top businesses, American Family Care has established itself as a trusted provider of drug testing services. We’ve streamlined our occupational health program to significantly reduce the hassle for our customers, as our record keeping guarantees to limit unnecessary paperwork for our clients.

The benefits of using our drug testing program at American Family Care includes:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Decreased Employee Turnover
  • Safer Workplace
  • Higher attendance rate

For more information on our drug testing services, visit us any day of the week or call us at 404.236.6515. We look forward to making your business, safer, more productive and drug-free!